Miss Rosendahl
Welcome to CGD Elementary & Middle School

I am excited to transition to my new role as our K-8 Dean of Students. Prior to this I have served as the Elementary Principal, 6th Grade Teacher, 2nd Grade Teacher, Title I Reading Teacher, and a Kindergarten para-educator. I have been with the CGD District for 29 years now.

As our K-8 Dean of Students I am striving to build authentic relationships with students, families and staff. I am a firm believer of the mindset that students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. It is my mission to inspire others to find their greatness. All belong, all can lead, and all will succeed!

Role of K-8 Dean of Students

Day in the Life of a K-8 Dean of Students is never the same, below please find my top priorities for supporting students and staff:

1) Support students and staff during unstructured times - before school bus lane, after school dismissal process, recess times, lunch times

2) First line of support for bus drivers with student behaviors while on buses. This may include riding a bus to reteach expectations, watching video from the bus, administering student discipline and communicating with parents.

3) Work with students to teach appropriate behavior in a variety of settings.

4) Serve as a resource to staff in dealing with classroom management issues and student discipline. 

5) Respond immediately to crisis calls made by school personnel to de-escalate aggressive behavior.

6) Openly communicate with students, staff, and parents/guardians regarding student behavior. 

7) Manage the documentation of student behavior through student management system 

8) Create, maintain, and enforce clearly defined school-wide behavior expectations and procedures for discipline on campus as well as off campus during transportation or school sponsored trips.

9) Assist in the planning, development, and implementation of student behavior plans. 

10) Meet weekly with the Principal and Counseling department to discuss and problem solve student behaviors being a part of the team for determination of need for additional formal or informal services.